About Infectious Diseases 2020

Infectious diseases are mainly caused by micro-organisms  like bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. some of these organisms cause diseases. Than any other cause infectious diseases kill more people throughout the world. These infections are mainly caused by germs .we can get infected by touching, eating, drinking or breathing something. Some of the diseases like measles and chickenpox can also be prevented by vaccines. Hand washing is also a used to prevent infectious diseases.

Conference Highlights:

1.       Infectious Diseases

2.       Veterinary Infectious Diseases

3.       Paediatric Infectious Diseases

4.       Neurological Infectious Diseases

5.       Respiratory / Pulmonary Infectious Diseases

6.       Infection and Immune system

7.       Zika/ Ebola Viruses

8.       Infectious Diseases Epidemiology

9.       Diseases of Reproductive organs and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

10.   Molecular Bacteriology

11.   Plant Disease Modelling

12.   Immunology of Resistance

13.   Vaccine and Vaccination

14.   Problems in Infectious Diseases Practice

15.   Communicable / Non-Communicable Diseases

16.   Prevention of Methicillin-Resistance  Staphylococcus Resistance (MRSA)

17.   Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Infectious Diseases

18.   Vaccines/Preventive vaccine for Infectious Diseases

19.   Preventing and Controlling Viral Hepatitis

20.   Infection, Prevention and Control Guidelines

21.   Global Eradication of Diseases

22.   Blood Infectious Diseases

23.   Acute Rheumatic Fever / Rheumatic Heart Diseases

24.   Infectious Diseases Pathology

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