About Us

MEC (Meetings Exhibitions Conferences) Global Events is committed in organizing international standard events worldwide. Our objective is to create a perfect platform for the researchers, world class professionals and other participants to upgrade their knowledge, experience and to discuss on the ways to foster the exchange of ideas, prototypes, and the research work.

About Conference

The Conference Nursing Congress 2020 revolves around the theme “Current Advances and Challenges in Nursing Care”. Nursing Congress 2020 gives a platform in different fields of nursing like Pediatric, Neurological psychiatric, cancer, cardiac, critical care, adult & women health, legal and emergency nursing, midwifery, public health, healthcare and medicine, research, and recently innovations associated with it.

Scienitific Sessions

Nursing education
Nursing Care
Registered Nurse
Nursing Research
Neonatal Nursing
Midwifery Nursing
Global Nurse
Neurological Nursing
Pediatric Nursing
Forensic Nursing
Gastroenterology Nursing
Infectious Disease Nursing
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Cardiac Nursing
Clinical Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Emergency Nursing
Advanced Practice Nursing
Genomic And Genetic Nursing
Genomic And Genetic Nursing
Orthopedic Nursing
Pain Management Nursing
Transcultural Nursing
Pulmonary Nursing
Psychiatric And Rehabilitation Nursing
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Occupational Health Nursing
Nursing Practice
Ob-Gyn Nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Adult Health Nursing
Women Health Nursing
Legal Nursing
Perioperative (Surgical) Nursing
Nursing Informatics
Case Management Nursing
Public Health Nursing
Environmental Health Nursing
Nursing Educators
Hospice And Palliative Nursing Care

Collaborating experts who have eagerness in various fields of nursing covering highlights of psychiatry, cancer, cardiac, critical care, women’s health, pediatric and emergency nursing, midwifery, public health etc., is the only aim of Nursing Congress 2020.

Nursing Congress 2020 will be having eminent personalities from around the world with Plenary lectures and Keynote lectures added with research papers both oral and poster presentations. Nursing Congress 2020 will provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and educators to exchange research evidence,practical experiences and innovative ideas on issues related to nursing through networking and sharing.