Narjes Shiraghaei

President at Mazandaran Midwifery Association, Iran

Narjes Shiraghaei

Midwife, Iran

Title: Narjes Shiraghaei

Narjes Shiraghaei K., Bs Midwifery, Iranian Midwifery Association (IMA) contact for ICM (International Confederation of Midwives), Freelance women health and rights writer, Iran contact of Midwifery today. Narjes is a midwife, an activist, trainer and educator of women’s health and rights in Iran. She has been successfully establishing grassroots movements on sexual health, childbirth rights and women’s health for the last decade. Her free of charge courses on sexual health for teenage girls at schools in Mazandaran has had some backlashes at the beginning but over time more schools realised the necessity of it. Right now she is focusing on her idea of “Global network of midwives (GNM); for equal access to health and rights for women”. During the COVID-19 pandemic she created a social media health task force to make sure women in remote places and around cities continue to have access to health professionals.        

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