Mayuri Islavath

Associate Urban Planner

Mayuri Islavath

School of Planning Institute, India

Title: The Impact of Transportation on The Urban Environment and Community Well-Being.

Mayuri is a skilled urban-regional planner with over five years of professional experience working with both private and public sectors on a wide range of master planning and strategic framework projects. She is very respectful of laws and regulations throughout any process of planning being conducted. Also, known for being determined and dedicated to making a community better through careful planning and research approach. SheFocused on using advanced planning techniques/tools for critical thinking and problem-solving.

Being experienced in both private and public sectors, she got an opportunity to work with a varied range of projects such as detailed site planning for affordable housing development, evaluating urban design as per the local planning guidelines, local area development plans, heritage revitalization projects, site planning and plot development guidelines, tourism projects – location criteria and view index in visionary context, research on community facilities planning guidelines and development of integrated coastal management guidelines. She has also been involved in development framework planning and structure plans at a regional level. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s in Environmental Planning and Management.