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Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharmaceutical formulation can be called as the procedure in which different chemical ingredients are mixed to produce a final medicinal product. The formulation studies interfere developing a preparation of drug acceptable for patient. Formulation is the term which often used in a way that includes dosage form. Formulation studies consider factors such as particle size, solubility, polymorphism and pH as all of these can influence bioavailability and hence the activity of a drug.


Pharmacovigilance(PV) plays a vital role in the healthcare by its monitoring, assessment and discovery of interactions among drugs and their effects in human being. Pharmaceuticals and biotechnological medicines are prepared to cure, prevent or treat diseases. However, there are also risks particularly adverse drug reactions can cause serious harm to patients.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis is a part of practical chemistry that allows a series of method for identification, determination, quantification and purification of a drug substance, separation of the elements of a solution or mixture, or determination of structure of chemical compounds.

Bio Availability And Bio Equivalence

Bio availability can be defined as amount of drug that presented in systemic circulation. In the cases when we are using a medicine, active pharmaceutical ingredient needs to be entered into the body. However, to have therapeutic effect the active substance needs to be available in correct dose at the site where it has to work, that particular site can be called as Target site. 

Pharma Microbiology

Study of microorganisms related with the assembling of pharmaceuticals is named as Pharmaceutical Microbiology. Different parts of pharmaceutical microbiology made up of the innovative work of against infective agents, the utilization of microorganisms to distinguish mutagenic and cancer-causing movement in planned medications, and the use of microorganisms in the assembling of pharmaceutical items like insulin and human development hormone.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the investigation of medications, and it includes tranquilize improvement. This incorporates sedate disclosure, conveyance, ingestion, digestion, and the sky is the limit from there. There are components of biomedical examination, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Pharmaceutical science work is normally done in a lab setting.

Drug Discovery And Drug Delivery

Novel Drug Delivery System is the technique by which a prescription is passed on can essentially influence its suitability. A couple of prescriptions have a perfect center kept running inside which most extraordinary favorable position is surmised, and obsessions above or underneath this range can be harmful or make no medicinal bit of leeway in any way shape or form.


Pharmacology is the study of how substances communicate with living beings to deliver an adjustment in capacity. It manages the exploration, revelation, and portrayal of synthetic concoctions which show natural impacts and the light of cell and living being capacity in connection to these synthetic concoctions. In the event that substances have therapeutic properties, they are viewed as pharmaceuticals. The Pharmacology incorporates systems of medication activity, sedate organization and properties, cooperations, toxicology, treatments, restorative applications, and antipathogenic abilities.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Most pharmaceutical companies are face many challenges when it is time to market their products. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and it’s also an industry which is known for attracting litigation attorneys looking for false claims. There are a wide range of various pharmaceutical marketing strategies you are able to choose from in order to attract the attention of prescribing physicians. Remember that marketing is the set of activities associated with creating value for society at large.

Pharma Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs are a new profession which is developed by the governments to protect public health. The main aim is controlling the safety and efficacy of products in areas including pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, medical devices, pesticides, agrochemicals and cosmetics. Regulatory affairs also have a very specific meaning within the healthcare industries.

Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial pharmacy is the process which includes manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products including quality assurance of the developed drug. Industrial Pharmacy Journals have a broad scope which contains all the kinds of articles related to Industrial Pharmacy.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials square measure experiments or observations tired clinical analysis. Such prospective medicine or activity analysis studies on human participants square measure designed to answer specific questions aboutmedicine or activity interventions, as well as new treatments (such as novel vaccines, drugs, dietary decisions, dietary supplements.

Research And Development

Research & Development is essential in all industries. And, when it comes to the Biopharmaceutical research industry, R&D services not only generates income for the companies involved in the research but it often brings results in lives being saved, or at least enhancement in patient's lives. The development for many companies requires the perfect Pharmaceutical research & development. There has been a great deal of research and development in this industry by the doctors and scientists all over the world. 

Latest Techniques And Equipments In Pharma Products

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment includes a wide variety of equipment, such as capsule filling machines, x-ray inspection systems spray drying accessories. The pharmaceutical industry has the most precise requirements and manufacturing guidelines in terms of quality. As a result, it is critical that pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP). Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment includes a wide variety of equipment, such as capsule filling machines, x-ray inspection systems, and spray drying accessories.

Nano Medicine And Nano Technology

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology based system deals with emerging new technologies for developing customized solutions for drug delivery systems. The drug delivery system positively impacts the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of the drug or other related chemical substances in the body. In addition to this the drug delivery system also allows the drug to bind to its target receptor and influence that receptor’s signaling and activity. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology embraces applications of nanoscience to pharmacy as nanomaterials, and as devices like drug delivery, diagnostic, imaging and biosensor.