Poster Guidelines

Poster Dimensions Requirements & Set-Up Procedures

1. Poster size may be no more than 3 feet by 3 feet (i.e., length is no more than 4 feet and the width is no more than 4 feet). Over sized posters will obscure an adjacent poster and may not be considered. Computer display equipment, sound or projection equipment, or freestanding displays are not permitted.

2. Presenters will be assigned a specific time slot and numbered space for their poster presentation. Presenters will forfeit their opportunity to present their research if they are more than five (5) minutes late for their presentation.

3. The conference staff will provide stands for the posters and pushpins for mounting posters. Staff will also be available to assist with locating an assigned poster space.

4. All posters must be set up in the time allotted before the session, and must remain up until the session ends. Presenters are to remain by their poster during the entire time of the assigned session time, to answer questions and be evaluated by poster judges. After the session ends, posters and materials should be promptly removed and the area cleaned up.

5. If the session ends and you think that you have not been evaluated by a judge, please come to the judges conference room or contact on site coordinator.

Criteria for Judging Poster Presentations

Given the number of posters, judges may only have 10 minutes or less to review, discuss, and evaluate a poster presentation.

Poster presentation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Quality and relevance of the abstract

• Content and lay out of the poster:

(a) The title, names of authors, and the institution(s) where the research was performed should be included at the top of the poster.

(b) Poster layout should be in a logical order, including text and graphics that explain the objectives of the research and why the research is important; hypothesis/statement of the problem; methods and controls; results; conclusions and future research; and references and acknowledgements.

• Presentation: Presenters should demonstrate a good understanding of the study and related areas and responds effectively and clearly to questions.

Poster Design Suggestions & Tips

1. All text material should be legible from about 3 feet away.

2. Text Font should be legible and text size should not be less than 14 points 

3. Posters should include text and graphics and use color to add emphasis and clarity.

4. Illustrations should be simple and bold, and photos should clearly show pertinent details.

5. Displayed materials should be self-explanatory and should enhance the verbal presentation and discussion.

6. Speak clearly and loud enough for observers to hear you.