Abstract Submission Guidelines

You are asked to follow the guidelines below when submitting an abstract for oral or poster presentation:

Title The title should be as brief as possible; preferably one line

Authors: The main (presenting) author's name should be marked with an asterisk (*) Affiliations Authors and their corresponding affiliation should be indicated with numbers. (Example John Smith and Science College of Medicine) Text Abstracts should be 300-500 words or no more than one page The formatting of figures, graphs and schemes may be lost during submission so this is not currently recommended.

Write out any special characters (including Greek characters) in your text. Single spacing should be used throughout. References, denoted by numbers in the text, should be listed at the end of the text using standard Chemical Abstracts Source Service Index terminology followed by year, vol., and page.

General A scientific committee will review the abstracts and you will be notified in one to two weeks after the corresponding deadline whether you have been successful; abstracts which most closely fit with the themes of the conference will be selected. Abstracts submitted, but not chosen for oral presentation will automatically be listed as poster presentations. You will be advised of the duration, time and day of your presentation or dimensions of poster board. All abstracts will be produced into a book of abstracts and made available to delegates at the meeting; please note this does not constitute publication* and abstract books are not available for sale following the meeting*. (*unless explicitly indicated)

Speaker presentation guidelines:

We would like to suggest to speakers when creating presentations:

• Please use digital presentations as overheads can’t be   projected. PowerPoint is the preferred software.

• Please use dark text on a light background to ensure maximum legibility.

• Avoid large distracting logos.

• Use plain fonts, preferably 24 point or bigger.

• Scanned images and varying colors can look fuzzy; please ensure they are readable from a distance when enlarged.

• Avoid busy slides with too many bullet points.